Medco Shipbrokers is a professional brokerage company founded in 1979.  Ever since, our main activity has been the intermediary service between the various players within the industry involved in the transport of crude oil and its derived products.  We serve as a link between Oil Companies, Traders and Shipowners worldwide, facilitating the commercial management of shipping and its operations.  We offer our expertise, a personal and reliable service, as a result of our in-depth experience accumulated over decades.  We are, at present, the undisputed market leaders in Spain, From our headquarters in Madrid,  putting the best professionals at the disposal of our clients anywhere in the world.  We are ready to serve.


In the field of chartering, Medco Shipbrokers specialises in spot market, whether for Crude Oil or Clean and Dirty Products, as well as the Time Charter market.  In these dynamic and synergistically linked markets (crude oil and its derivative products), we distinguish ourselves by having the most accurate and up-to-date information.  To this end, we undertake constant, comprehensive monitoring of these markets and the external factors that invariably affect them.  In addition, our extensive knowledge of the Market and the different Charter Parties contributes added value to our services, assisting our clients  in their analysis and interpretations.

In the Crude Oil market, we are present in all traffics, from Handymaxes to VLCC’s. This market comprises the largest volumes and links oil extraction areas with refineries around the world.  It is probably the most sensitive to geopolitical and macroeconomic factors and therefore our trading desk is constantly analysing these factors in order that we are able to anticipate and to ensure that we offer an impeccable service to our clients.


We connect the various refined products with their geographical trading markets, the refineries and the innumerable zones of consumption of fuels and the Petrochemical Industries of the world.  We find that, in markets more diverse and that, due to the nature of the different products,  a large number of additional factors have to be considered in each trip.  Again, our experience ensures that our clients have the advantage of being fully supported  concerning the movements of Small Tankers, Flexies, Handies, MRs or LRs.


Our comittment and involvement do not end upon concluding the fixture.  Our Operations Department is key in the progress, development and success of any commercial operation undertaken by Medco. After many years of experience, this aspect of the Business is vital to our clients.  We have focused on creating a solid operations department, not only with an attentive post-fixture monitoring and availability 24/7,  but constantly active, willing and able to serve.  We are convinced that resolving problems is not enough, real success is achieved by anticipation and action.






Our relationships with all the key players within the Shipping Industry and the trust placed in us by large corporations in this sector, both private and public have for many years given us the opportunity to offer added value to long-term charter operations,  the Sale and Purchase of ships, as well as mergers and acquisitions of companies linked to maritime transport.

Our extensive knowledge throughout the business pyramid and the desire and determination to be at the forefront of the industry, places us, as the ideal channel for the development of any project related to the maritime sector.

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